Welcome Saki in Liberia

Saki is a student of chemistry in Liberia. A while ago the President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia visited Emory and we have been working with universities there ever since. I connected with Saki, a student there because he was interested in studying Chemistry and reported that there was a shortage of textbooks. The faculty in the Biology and Chemistry Departments rounded up scores of books and sent them to Saki and his classmates. Today Saki has my copy of Analytical Chemistry with my name on it and is working on a project to analyze clays for heavy metals. What could be better?

Check out his blog, http://www.sakitango.blogspot.com, and say hello.

About Preetha Ram

I am an educator (Dean for PreHealth and Science Education at Emory), social entrepreneur (Cofounder of OpenStudy, a global study group to connect learners) and visionary (let's build a classroom for the world to study together). A chemist by training (Yale), I like to solve problems by building bridges at the edges and interstices of disciplinary boundaries.

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