Daily Archives: September 28, 2010

What I learned in B School…

Certainly, too much for one post. But since a lot my colleagues have asked me this, presumably because I am a scientist/educator/dean/ let me try to address that.

New strategies for problem solving and decision making would be my number one. everyone encounters problems to solve and decisions to make. I now have many more strategies in my toolbox.

Lessons in leadership would be as important.  This topic sounds touchy feely but is so critical. It was great to have an opportunity to think about it and to learn about it.

Finally, I relearned what it was to be a student.  It was wonderful to go through the cohort experience, to learn together from others, to ask for help, to be ready to accept help from a fellow sufferer, to give help, to work together on assignments, that would have been impossible alone.  This shared experience builds lasting bonds.

An educator who loses touch with being a student, loses touch with reality.  It was a compelling opportunity to rethink learning and review teaching.  Lesson learned: Too often educators ignore the social component of learning instead of harnessing its power.  Big mistake.  Everyone wants to get help and give help and a successful educational experience incorporates that element.