About Me

Dr. Preetha Ram is the Associate Dean for Pre-Health and Science Education at Emory University. She received her PhD in biophysical chemistry from Yale and holds an MBA from Emory.  She graduated with a Msc in Chemistry from I.I.T Delhi and an undergraduate degree from Women’s Christian College, Chennai, India.  As a researcher, she investigated protein-carbohydrate interactions at membrane surfaces using NMR spectroscopy. Her educational research includes the development of Problem Based Learning (PBL) pedagogies in K-16 classrooms. She has developed PBL curricula and web-based learning environments for undergraduate and pre-college chemistry courses. She initiated Emory’s ChemMentors program, which promotes peer-led team learning and has now grown into a college wide academic support program called Supplemental Instruction.

Dean Ram is a strong advocate of study abroad for science students. She initiated Emory’s first summer science study abroad program in Siena, Italy. She founded the Science Experience Abroad program in collaboration with the Center for International Programs Abroad. Her efforts led to a growth of science study aborad programs and internationalization initiatives not only at Emory but in other undergraduate institutiosn.  A firm believer in the value of a liberal arts education, she is the co-director of the Emory Tibet Science Initiative, which seeks to build bridges between science and religion through the development of science education for Tibetan monastics. Some of the honors and awards she has received: Emory College’s Excellence in Teaching Award for the Natural Sciences, The Winship Award for lecturer faculty, and the Institute of International Education’s  2007 Andrew Heiskell Award.

Dr. Ram is a social entrepreneur and is a co-founder of OpenStudy.com, a social learning network that enables students to connect, get help, and study together.  The site provides access to study help in real time, anytime, across institutional boundaries and across international borders.  OpenStudy was recently named one of the 10 “most innovative education companies” by TechCrunch and recently picked by the Gates Next Generation Learning Challenge as one of 29 Wave I grantees.

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