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Kawasaki on entrepreneurs, education and Singapore

In a conversation at the Stanford Global Entrepreneurs Challenge held in Singapore, Kawasaki held forth about all three. Paraphrasing wildly,

On education:When you educate young minds that the best thing that can happen to them is to land a government or a MNC (Multinational) job, why are you surprised that they dont want to be an entrepreneur?  They are not prepared for it. ” In America, if you work for a large company for a long time, people ask why. In Singapore, if people leave a large company, people ask why. This is a huge difference.”  He also said that the educational system, great though it is, has not really focused on “being creative” which as we all know is essential for entrepreneurship.

On entrepreneurship in Singapore, I have to say Guy is more enthusiastic.  He notes that resources are being deployed and  that the government has decided to pursue this trail, and we know

Singapore’s track record when the Government decides to pursue something. (This is the country whose per capita GDP was three digits a few years ago and look at them now! Wow!)  But some things like regulations will have to ease up.

The best quote though, came at the end, when he was asked whether

Singapore’s small size would be an obstacle.  “They have to go international” he said and added in pure Kawasaki-ese, ” Israel has five million people, six million entrepreneurs, and fifteen million opinions. Singapore has five million people, six entrepreneurs, and one opinion.” but he concludes, “If Israel can do it, why can’t Singapore?”

So look out Silicon Valley, here comes Singapore Island. Agree or disagree?