PreMeds, listen up!

Everyone is rethinking premed! “AAMC/HHMI Committee Defines Scientific Competencies for Future Physicians
New Report Offers Blueprint for Designing Premedical and Medical School Curricula” and exciting news within. See

Here at Emory, we are already working on it. This Fall, the very new PreHealth Mentoring Office will open its doors for business. Note the word Mentoring. It will be about mentoring: long term, relationship building, opening doors, holistic, promoting excellence and success and everything else that comes to mind when you say, Mentor. Lucky Emory premeds! Stay tuned for more.

About Preetha Ram

I am an educator (Dean for PreHealth and Science Education at Emory), social entrepreneur (Cofounder of OpenStudy, a global study group to connect learners) and visionary (let's build a classroom for the world to study together). A chemist by training (Yale), I like to solve problems by building bridges at the edges and interstices of disciplinary boundaries.

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